Healing Intuitive Art
by Teresa Russell

Combining Healing Energies & Channelling to Create Unique Pieces of Art

Using healing energies through art to 

help you the observer to identify your way back to health, inner peace and well-being.


Are you looking to:


  • Receive subtle but powerful healing
  • Receive healing messages from the Divine
  • Gain insight into how to heal your life
  • Feel love, inner peace, acceptance, balance, joy and health
  • Feel connected with self and spirit
  • Own a unique piece of healing art created just for you.


My aim is to enable the observer to delve deep within the piece of art created especially for them in order to provide a deeper understanding of their own psyche. 

Healing lies within the many layers of coloured paint and sometimes hidden abstract detail which represent the clients innermost issues. 

 Insights and observations though not clearly apparent at first glance, will help the observer to connect to their own healing energies to allow healing to occur.  


Telephone 087 8366486

Email: russell3za@gmail.com 


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